lauantai 5. lokakuuta 2013

Kurpitsapaja - A Pumpkin Workshop

Tänään olin Susannan  kurpitsatyöpajassa. Oli mukavaa tehdä yhdessä, vaihtaa ideoita ja oppia monenlaista hienosäätöä.  Upea paja! Kiitos siitä!

Aurinkoista sunnuntaita

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Eemaiva kirjoitti...

Ihanat! Ja hieno on myös tuo ruokakomero! ;)

My Journey To Celebrating Life kirjoitti...

Hello, Welcome to my blog. Your blog is so beautiful. Your work looks very real. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for posting my give aways on your sidebar and for leaving inspiring comments on my blog.

minwks kirjoitti...

Hi Katrina,
Just thought I would drop by and say hello and see what you have been doing in the past months. Your sauna turned out very well, love the heater/stove that you made and the little slippers outside.
The punched autumn leaves wreath is such a good idea too.
Fall leaves are just beginning to coat the grass. I have been collecting them for my garden compost. I am moving my veggie gardens so need lots of new organic matter - so digging dry seaweed from the beach to layer with leaves and straw as well as well rotted compost. Hoping for fabulous vegetables next summer as I will be in Canada (I think) to enjoy them.
Days are getting shorter, we have had thick fog for a couple of days which is most unusual. We hope we will have if for Halloween night which would make all the little gobins, witches and princesses (?) look most mysterious.
All the best.
Oh like the light shining through the door of the pantry.
regards from Canada.